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Environmental Policy

Skyform promises to reduce our impact on the natural environment when we design, build, repair and manage facilities. Skyform ensures that our organisation’s environmental footprint is minimal by following, adhering and updating our environmental policy. We maintain a proactive and positive attitude to environmental issues, seeking to minimise any potential harmful effects of our business activities on the environment while we seek to develop a sustainable approach to our daily operations.

We seek to comply and exceed, the legal and other requirements, relevant to environmental issues. Our aim is to influence our industry attitudes by actively promoting our environmentally friendly approach to our operations. We primarily seek to:

  • Assess and minimise operational negative environmental impacts.
  • Improve management procedures and working techniques to avoid environmental pollution.
  • Minimise noise pollution, dust pollution, ambient disturbance and inconvenience.
  • We seek to use energy and water resources efficiently.
  • We have a very efficient control natural resources control and we encourage our clients to use of sustainable materials.
  • We encourage recycling and we promote the use of recycled and recyclable materials to our clients.
  • We work with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of projects.
  • We seek to inform local communities on our environmental approached to works.

This Policy states the commitment of Senior Management and members of the organisation to the implementation and maintenance of waste management, recycling and other sustainability procedures to control and minimise impact on the overall environment. Skyform accepts responsibility for controlling spillage and waste materials resulting from plant and maintenance activities by inspection, reporting and follow up of any hazard or risk identified.

The company acknowledges its environmental responsibility towards employees, those persons who visit its premises and the general public.

Every employee of Skyform has a responsibility for conducting him or herself in a safe working manner, ensuring no negative impact on the environment or health of others. Employees must wear applicable safety clothing, use appropriate equipment and personally ensure activities comply with Jurisdictional Acts/Regulations, Codes, British / European Standards and ISO 14001 by reporting unsafe work practices, places, equipment, processes or situations.

Managers, Yard/Site Managers and Supervisors have the additional responsibility of monitoring the work environment, identifying training and equipment needs, record keeping, implementing work procedures and investigating incidents as related to the applicable Environmental Legislation

Skyform has appointed HSE Managers and Advisors who have defined Environmental, Health and Safety authority and responsibilities.

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