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Sustainability Policy

Skyform promises to reduce our impact on society and the natural environment when we design, build, repair and manage facilities. Skyform ensure that our organisation assesses and includes sustainability within our supply chain at the procurement process by following, adhering and updating our sustainable procurement policy.

Sustainability is one of our primary goals when we work on a project. We work in sync with our employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors aiming to offer sustainable operations, in every level of our business activities. We endeavour to incorporate, economic, environmental and social short and long term interests, and to make economic, environmental and social concerns fundamental to our decision-making making process. We seek to interact with our partners, and stakeholders and generally everyone that is directly or indirectly affected by our operations. In Skyform we believe that directing our business activities according to strict ethical, professional and legal standards, is what defines a responsible supplier. We do not tolerate corruption, bribery or unfair competition. Skyform is committed to operating and carrying out our day to day services in an ethically responsible manner. Our policy is taking under consideration the following important factors:

  • The need to procure materials, that were possible are produced locally and with a high recycled content
  • Purchase goods and service local to our place of business
  • During the procurement of goods and services throughout our organisation, consideration is given to the environmental and economic impact throughout their lifecycle.
  • Ensure that our sustainable procurement strategies meet or exceed our clients expectations
  • Ensure that our sustainable procurement strategies comply with or exceed legal requirements

Our Customers and Clients & Community

We endeavour to exceed client/consumer expectations, by offering quality projects on time, with safety in mind taking under consideration the local, economic, social and environmental effects of our activities. We promote environmentally friendly solutions, to traditional client construction requests by procuring materials of high recycled content and greener construction methods. In Skyform we recognise that our projects, have a direct impact to local communities and the environment. We promise to minimise any disruption effects during our operations while in the same time maintain constant communication with our clients, end users and stakeholders, aiming to make a positive contribution to the local community. Whether the project is to repair a school, insulate a local authority building, or upgrade neighbourhood tenements, we see our projects as our permanent ambassadors to the local community. This “passive” local contribution provides us with the satisfaction that besides our business interaction with the local authorities, we leave a positive mark on the community wall.

Our Employees

In Skyform we believe in localisation of human resources. In contrast with other companies, we seek to subcontract local suppliers and experts where this is needed, as we recognise the positive effect of using local resources, brings to the local economy. In Skyform we also seek to support the long term unemployed and give them first consideration in our recruitment process. We recruit to a policy which aims to identify potential in every individual. Skyform also actively supports youth employment and offers opportunities for further development and training. We have employed many school leavers in the last three years. We strive to educate and train young apprentices and seek to steer them in the direction of an SVQ qualification depending on the placement and support they need. Our employees are committed to the following:

  • Health and safety: Our employees, our partners and our stakeholders, are committed to follow a very strict Health and Safety routine, and they are encouraged to actively contribute to our continually improving Health and Safety strategy.
  • Equality and diversity: Our Company offers an inclusive working environment that respects every individuals need for fulfilment and betterment. We are committed to equal opportunities, we reject discrimination against anyone on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation disability or age.
  • Continuous Improvement: We strive to promote a learning culture that enables continuous improvement, by ensuring that all employees have access to training. In Skyform we see new skills and knowledge as the two most important ingredients for innovation. Our employee’s dreams and ambitions are also Skyform’s dreams and ambitions.

Managing Resources and the Environment

In Skyform we seek to procure local resources. We believe that it is in the benefit of both our firm and our client’s stakeholders to procure locally, where possible. In Skyform we believe in reducing the supply of natural resources used in our products. We join forces with our clients and stakeholders to procure alternative materials and methods to improve the use of raw materials. Skyform tries to effectively manage resources and minimise waste. We also strive to establish a supply chain with safety and environmental responsibility in mind. We work hard to achieve this by being in constant contact with our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure our requirements and procedure are in synch. Together with our stakeholders we endorse and design and maintain innovative sustainable practices across the sector. We aim to continually develop our energy efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint, in every stage of our procurement process.