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Cedar Road Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire

Project: Cedar Road Bishopbriggs
Client: East Dunbartonshire Council
Value: £80k
Award Date: July 2015
Completion Date: November 2015

The Cedar road project was awarded to Skyform in July of 2015 to fix a badly leaking flat roof and carry out new tiling works to 2 pitched roof areas that were letting water into the roof space and causing rot/damage to the internal structure of the building. The project required tenant notification as the building needed a full height scaffold to be erected to the perimeter of the fabric with several work towers sited on the upper landings to repair internal damage caused by the leaking roof.

Defective render was removed and replaced with colour matched render to suit the external fabric of the building. Rainwater pipes, fascia boards and satellite dishes were removed then replaced. Finally internal decoration to the upper floor ceilings and staircases required painting/plasterwork which was undertaken by Skyform’s in-house labour.

The old roof tiles and underlay were replaced on the 2 pitched areas with Marley Modern tiles secured with Solo Fix clips and an Icopal Warm Roof System incorporating new roof timbers replaced the old flat roof. All render, roofing and rainwater works were undertaken by Skyform’s internal labour with all elevations fully scaffolded out by an approved company chosen from our approved vendor suppliers list.

Skyform had to work in close collaboration with the local residents as access and egress for the delivery of materials were limited due to the narrow streets and parked cars. The site set down/compound area was again severely restricted due to space however careful use of the limited space and planned scheduling of materials during off peak times mitigated any disruption and hazards to pedestrians.

The project consisted of the following work categories:

  • Marley Modern Tiles fixed with Solo Clips on 2 x pitched roofs.
  • Icopal Warm Roof system and associated timber roof truss replacement.
  • Render repairs to all walls matched to suit existing colour.
  • Replacement of all rainwater pipes, gutters and fascia boards.
  • Strip Out, Repair and Re-Sheet internal ceilings, Plaster, Paint and Re-Decorate Stairwell.
  • Fully Scaffold out perimeter of building providing roof edge protection for entire duration.
  • Heras fencing set up around entire site area, site compound and all waste skips.

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