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Ochil Tower School, Auchterarder

Project: Ochil Tower School
Client: MacDuff Architects
Value: £23k
Award Date: May 2015
Completion Date: June 2015

Existing roof: The existing roof is a timber construction with felt shingle overlay as the waterproofing layer. The shingles had reached the end of their economic life and are to be replaced with a Sika Liquid Plastics Gamma 20 Waterproofing System with a Deco mineralised grit finish to mimic the existing finish.

Core Samples: On this occasion core samples was unnecessary as the roof is to be stripped back to the timber deck. 
A thorough inspection of the timber could be undertaken when this operation is complete.

They removed and   build-up in order to be stripped down to the timber deck level.

Perimeters: The roof perimeters are to be thoroughly inspected and repaired where necessary before incorporation into the new waterproofing system.
Gables: The gables currently comprise a minimal height water-check.
The water-check height should be increased to ensure water runs to the lower gutters.

Penetrations: Inspect each penetration and carry out any necessary repairs.

Roof lights: The existing roof lights are to be retained.
The upstands/kerbs are to be incorporated into the new waterproofing system.

Gutters: The external, stand-alone gutter system should be inspected and repaired as required.

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